Biography of Robert Littera and Origin of Positive Thinking Music:

Robert Littera has been a student of “positive thinking” for over 20 years. He has combined his expertise in business and his life experience along with his musical ability, to create this powerful yet enjoyable method for success and better living. These “feel good rock songs” have already helped many lead happier lives and achieve their goals. Robert is founder of Positive Thinking Music LLC. He has written all of the lyrics and music with careful consideration and intention to help others. He has developed the concept of combining “good music” with positive affirmations or ideas to trigger the imagination and motivate the listener.

Robert holds a Master’s Degree in Management from Polytechnic University (NYU) and a Bachelors of Science degree in electronics engineering from DeVry University.

Business Career and Entrepreneurship:
Robert is founder and president of Tekmar Sales Inc. Established in 1992 as a sales and marketing arm to many leading manufactures of RF and Microwave components. He has worked as an engineer on several important defense and aerospace programs at Eaton / AIL, (now ITT Exelis.) as well as at Western Electric, Bell Labs (now AT&T). Robert is also a real estate investor and firm believer in balance and in building passive income from several sources.
Robert is also lead guitarist and lead singer for the LI based, classic rock band, Phoenix.

Family and Roots
Robert resides on Long Island, NY with his wife and partner, Joanne. His sons Steven and Michael are launching their own successful careers in finance. “My family is a great inspiration to me and have allowed me the freedom to pursue all of my aspirations, with their firm support. Thank you !”
Robert was born in Uruguay after his parents emigrated from Italy. His father Vincent Littera was his constant example of what can be accomplished through positive thinking. “I remember my father whistling at work and treating his customers like family. Always up and helping others; a fair and confident man with a great sense of honor and love for his family.” Robert moved to NY with his parents at the age of 6.

Community involvement and philanthropy:
Robert has contributed regularly to the “Save the Children” organization for over 30 years and is a supporter of his local church and of the American Red Cross. He is president of his homeowner’s association and serves on the board of directors for the community.
Robert also served on the board of directors of the Dix Hills Soccer Association and was in charge of several leagues. He coached soccer for many years as well as youth basketball and enjoyed watching his sons excel in hockey and soccer at high levels. “I strongly believe that sports is a great teacher and an excellent way to build experience early on for what’s to come in business and in life.”

In Summary:
Robert is a musician, song writer, business leader, entrepreneur and philanthropist, with a strong belief in education positive thinking and in having a purpose and goal in life.

“I have great joy in being able to combine all of my resources and experiences into this album. It is literally a shortcut to a better life as well as a great tool for motivation. I hope that you enjoy it and that it helps you immensely. I wish you an amazing life.”

Robert Littera

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