by Robert Littera

In my life I learned to fight, I turn it up, hang on tight
Do all I can aim for the sky, put fear aside begin to fly
In my life I’ve been surprised, how far I’ve gone, I realize
Now it’s so clear from all I see, you become who you want to be

We don’t aim high and miss, we just aim low, set your goals real high and you will soar
Competition’s nothing, not what it seems, in my life I’ve learned, you can do what you dream
In my life my friends arrived, they set high goals, fought and thrived
It’s not unlikely as it seems, if from your heart and soul it screams
And if you ever ask yourself, did I leave my dreams up on a shelf ?
Hope you can say, I stayed the course, I’m proud, I focused, found the force

In your life, you do what you choose, in your life you aim for the sky
In your life you go around once, in your life, you’ve got to try



About the Song:

“People don’t aim high and miss. They aim low and hit “ Dr. Jonathan Parker

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