by  Robert Littera    

Grateful for who I am, to learn, to understand
A spirit filled with light, strong will, insight
One note in a symphony to carry out eloquently
For all I have and all I’ll do, to sing along, thank you
Doors will open, you’ll clear the way, when you say thank you every day
Life will take on a brilliant hue, when you do what’s right and you say, thank you
Glad for familiar sounds of those my life surrounds
Friends on which I can lean, help to see I live my dream
Times that take away my breath, living without regret
For connecting with what’s true, and for how I’ve grown, thank you



See all we take for granted, list all that we have
Gifts that we’ve been handed, fortunate we are
Spirit that soars, eyes that dance, have the faith to take a chance
Your mind is sure your heart is free to take you where you want to be
To give each day your all, to get up when you fall
To see these gifts and point of view, for this great ride,
Thank you, thank you, thank you

About this Song
Be grateful, say thank you all day long. It will open the door to great things