by Robert Littera   

Time will always steer you right
In life seek out your guiding light
And I will always see in you
All the fine things you will do
Design your life around, the vision that you found
What you anticipate, what makes you feel so great
Don’t ever waste your time, don’t think that it’s just fine
To settle or to lean, towards someone else’s dream
Design your life, design your life
Paint your vision’s highest view
Sing of the brightest life for you
Cause I see that you have the means
And wings that spread the width of dreams
Each day must be unwrapped, just like a precious gift, filled with your hopes and prayers
It’s all in what you say, and thoughts that find their way, that make it crystal clear
So take whatever moves your soul
And make it your life’s highest goal
And your destiny will unfold
With smiles and fortunes untold


About this Song
Believe in yourself as I believe in you. Design your life to what you want it to be. Go for it!

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