by Robert Littera

When you’re alone, sitting at home
It’s quiet around, not much of a sound, what are you saying?
Where are you going, are you learning, are you growing ?
Are you where you belong? What’s your internal song? What are you saying?
Chorus: What you say in your head
When it’s quiet in your bed
What you think all day long
When you’re on your own.   What are you saying?
Ignore any fear, and chatter you hear
Speak only of good, see ways that you could.  What are you saying?
With every breath and thought you direct
Your words will ignite brilliance and light. What are you saying?
Some feel they belong, confident, strong
They envision the best, let time do the rest
Look closely you’ll see them create destiny
Talk in a way, they know just what they say
What’s in your mind? A mirror into time
What you have today is what you thought yesterday.  What are you saying?
You are what you say, your words sculpt each day
You are what you see, what you say you will be. What are you saying?
What are you saying?   What are you saying?    You are what you’re saying.


About this Song
Notice what you repeat in your mind, Your life reflects what you say deep in your thoughts, Make it grand…

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