The Positive Thinking Music Series

series1-smSeries 1: Building Confidence
This set of songs will fill you with strength and confidence to keep taking the next step and to boldly state to yourself and to others that you will succeed. Your inner confidence will begin to emanate and become obvious. This series consists of :
–        Bring it on
        Start From The End
        Open Your Own Door
Digital Download Price: $2.99


series2-smSeries 2:  Setting Goals            
This series of songs describe the process of setting goals and speaks of its importance in life. You must design your own life and pay attention to what you picture, as that is what you get !  This series consists of:
–        In My Life
–        Design Your Life
–        What You Picture 
Digital Download Price: $2.99


Series 3:  Being Inspired            
Those that are inspired have a vision and a quiet confidence. This set of songs points out that we are all inspired by something we believe in and reminds us to look at all the things around us that are inspiring. We have all been inspired by someone, past or present and can tap into that feeling and time. This series consists of :
–        Inspired
–        Looking Up
–        Good luck out there 
Digital Download Price: $2.99

series-4-smSeries 4 : Easy Energy

 These songs combine ways to tap into a natural flow of energy. Being grateful, paying attention to our mind talk  and knowing that we are capable of being so much more is the key. We must seek to align ourselves with our higher self. This series consists of :

–        Thank You
–        I Am
–        What Are You Saying
 Digital Download Price: $2.99

series-5-smSeries 5 :  Creating Freedom   

As the lyrics go: “When you narrow it all down to, everything you want to do; all the things you’d like to have, freedom’s what you really want.” If you analyze everything you’ve ever asked for, it always relates to having the freedom to have, achieve or do. These song  encourage us to break free and do what we were meant to do and what  makes us free inside and out.

–        It’s about being free
–        Time To Break free
–        What’s Holding You Up

Digital Download Price: $2.99

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