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Optimism and positive affirmations are two of the most powerful tools we have in our arsenal for getting what we want out of life and being successful in everything we do. Unfortunately both are also highly under-rated and underused and many people wouldn’t know how to go about using them even if they wanted too.

There’s also a lot of stigma surrounding the concept of using positive affirmations to get results and the perception of many is that it’s an esoteric and superstitious view that doesn’t come anywhere near actually putting in the hard work needed to achieve your goals and dreams in life. This is seriously missing the point however, as the fact is that it’s positive affirmations and optimism that give us the drive and the ambition we need to put that work in in the first place. Fortunately people’s faith in the power of positive thinking can often be improved when you explain to them the exact processes by which they work; it’s not some mystical force – but observable social and psychological processes that give positive thinking techniques their effectiveness.

The first way by which positive thinking helps us achieve what we want is through something called a ‘self fulfilling prophecy’. This term explains the fact that by believing we have certain attributes we then begin to behave as though we do which eventually leads to us actually developing them. For example, say you believe yourself to be a highly successful business man (or woman). If you genuinely believe this then the chances are you’ll begin to dress and act differently – you’ll wear more expensive suits and watches, carry briefcases and stand and walk more confidently. At the same time you’ll enjoy your work more as you’ll believe yourself to be good at it and so will put in more effort. Over time superiors and colleagues will begin to notice this change in behaviour and will notice that you not only look the part but have increased your productivity and can speak and present more efficiently. This will then mean they’ll be more likely to pick you for important projects or to offer you a raise. Alternatively you may simply learn from your extra work and feel more confident from your positive affirmations and bite the bullet and set up your own small business. In these ways you’ll then over time actually become a more successful business man.

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