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As Dr. Jonathan Parker said many years ago, “People don’t aim high and miss, they aim low and hit”.

Positive thinking plays a critical role in this very enlightened statement. It gives one the confidence to aim high without allowing fear and doubt to be limiting forces. So you think positive thoughts, build confidence and allow yourself to aim high and hopefully” hit”.

But how do you think positively? Well this is the reason for this positive thinking blog. The short answer is, you have to make up your mind to do so. However, there are many techniques for clearing or stopping negative thoughts and replacing them with a positive thought. I personally have a list of affirmations that I’ve memorized over the years. They now automatically pop into my mind anytime I am thinking something negative. This alone has helped me immensely.

There many other creative ways such as one I heard just today. One of my clients took a Yoga class. The instructor said “before we start, I want to point out where the door is”. They all acknowledged and looked over at the door. He then said  “ if any negative thoughts pop in to your mind during this session, mentally dispose of them through that door”.  My client said, it was incredibly affective and quite amazing in its simplicity.

The main thing is to be aware of your thoughts and consciously replace bad ones with positive ones. Read the Lyrics to Track 4 “ What Are you Saying”. It will help you to focus your attention on your internal thoughts.

Aim High !  All the best !  Robert Littera